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    Summertime and summer time

    Larissa Kyzer enjoys midsummer in Iceland.

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    Seven New(ish) Island Books

    Kirsty Logan, author of The Gracekeepers, has selected seven of her favourite contemporary island novels.

  • Boa Island Figures

    Unconscious Sands

    Ryan Vance blends history and myth, poetry and prose, in his memories of Loch Erne, Northern Ireland.

  • Orkney Shore: Gunnie Moberg

    Rebecca Marr introduces the wonderful intertidal photographs of the late Gunnie Moberg.

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    Fur, the Fossil Island

    “Geology is always about time, and so is music and, very frequently, so is the novel.” Barbara Sjoholm explores the island of Fur, in Denmark, where time is laid out in layers of rock.

  • Camilla Wordie: documenting Japan

    For six months, conceptual artist Camilla Wordie shot photographs of interiors and the cityscape of Tokyo, themed around order of form, tone and line.

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