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    Scolt Head Island

    “Islands get deep in to your psyche; their enigmatic loneliness enthrals me.” Danny Adcock reflects on one Norfolk island, and the meaning of landscape.

  • Bergs (trio) Watercolour, graphite and aluminium powder

    Emma Stibbon: Ice Mirage

    Artist Emma Stibbon speaks to Nancy Campbell about her stunning portraits of icebergs, both monumental and fragile.

  • Mhairi Law_Island Review_011

    In the Lay of the Land

    Mhairi Law on her project, In the Lay of the Land, and how it opened up new ways of understanding what life on the Isle of Lewis means for young people.

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    Polynesia and the art of the needle

    On the island of Taha’a in French Polynesia, tattoo culture is changing. In this short film, one local artist explains this evolving tradition.

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    A young Scottish woman travels to Iceland as she tries to cope with the death of her mother. Short fiction by Doug Johnstone.

  • Miljo¦êpartiet_2014_Leanderfotograf-1421

    The Battle in the Baltic

    Dominic Hinde explains how the Swedish island of Gotland has become central to the country’s political life.

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Thule, 2013

Latitudes north: Vivian Ross-Smith

Jordan Ogg speaks to the Shetland artist about her work, inspired by northern landscapes.


Fiction: The Gracekeeper

A short story by Kirsty Logan, the award-winning author of ‘The Rental Heart & Other Fairytales’.


The Tears of Chios

Grove Koger tells the story of mastic, the strange, versatile substance produced almost exclusively on the Greek island of Chios.


Fiction: A Little Big

“I am getting used to what it feels like being a seal, strong and thick and blubbery.” A short story, set in Hawaii, by Melissa Gutierrez.

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